Transfer and Copy Movie/Music Files between HP TouchPad and Computer (Windows/Mac) with USB Cable

One publication claims that the $99 HP TouchPad firesale, designed to all but give away remaining inventory so that HP wouldn’t need to cover the cost of having retailers return to the units for landfill disposal, was a sign that the TouchPad was a popular product after all. It then goes on to claim that the iPad, which accounts for the vast majority of tablet marketshare, is vulnerable to competing tablets like the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Nevermind that at $99, the TouchPad was being handed out at significantly below cost, and that Android tablet makers could never sustainably deliver $99 or even $199 tablets to compete with the $499 iPad.
The HP TouchPad is HP’s first webOS tablet designed to work like you. Letting you connect, play, surf and share more easily. It features an ample screen real estate of 9.7 inches with resolution of 768×1027 pixels.

Just have lots of movie and music files stored on your computer and hope to copy them onto your new HP TouchPad so that you could watch them anywhere anytime to kill your boring time? The guide on how to copy media files between your HP TouchPad and your computer (including Windows and Mac) must be what you need.

As for video playback, you should know that not all movie and music files are supported by the HP TouchPad, and the device can only support playing video formats in MPEG-4, H.264, H.263, and audio formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, AMR, etc.

So be sure all the video and audio files you want to transfer are the HP TouchPad supported media formats. For those unsupported video files, you can use a comprehensive HP TouchPad Video Converter or Mac TouchPad Video Converter to help you convert the unsupported format to the HP TouchPad supported one.

As for Blu-ray and DVD movie files, you could use a powerful Blu-ray/DVD to TouchPad Converter or Mac Blu-ray/DVD to TouchPad Converter to rip and convert them for the TouchPad without quality loss.

(Tip: Before you copy files from your computer, make sure you have enough storage space on your device to fit the movie and music files.)

Here’s the step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer using the USB cable.
Step 2: On your device, tap USB Drive. On your computer, the HP TouchPad appears as a removable drive.
Step 3: On a Windows computer, if the Found New Hardware wizard opens, click Cancel to close the wizard.
Step 4: Open My computer (Windows XP), Computer (Windows Vista/Windows 7), or the Finder (Mac); double click the drive representing your device; and drag and drop movie/music files to your device. The drive displays folders that you can use to organize files you copy. You can also create your own folders.
Step 5: End the connection safely. If you don’t eject safely, the HP TouchPad resets and may experience data loss when you disconnected the USB cable:
How to end the connections safely?
On a Windows computer, right-click the drive representing your TouchPad and click Eject.

On a Mac computer, from your desktop, drag the drive representing your TouchPad to the Trash. Trash changes to Eject.

Step 6: Disconnect the USB cable from the computer when the USB drive screen is no longer displayed on your HP TouchPad.

After all the above operations, you could easily enjoy movies and music on the HP TouchPad as you wish.

That’s all! Hopefully the tutorial of transferring movies/music to HP TouchPad will make it easier and faster to copy media files onto the HP TouchPad for you!

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