Best Android Shooting games Round Up 2017

Being an android user we would have played lots of games. Playing game on mobile is always fun because of it’s cool user interface. Moreover android mobiles are handy and gives a great experience. Though there are wide categories of shooting games in the market, shooting games are the ones which grabs my interest. Shooting games in general gives a thriller experience for everyone. So here at rethink thought we have decided to create a round up post of best android shooting games.

4 Best Android shooting games 2017

1. Fields of Battle

This game is one of the super cool android shooting games in 2017. Unlike other shooting games, in fields of battle, we would be shooting the paintballs. As we are shooting paintballs it will be very colorful and catchy. Other than that it also provides some cool features like sliding, diving, learning, and much more. The gamer can shoot from different angles depending on his position. Other than that, fields of battle gives the option to great our own avatar while playing multiplayer online. I am sure that you will love playing this game.

2. Hitman Sniper

This is one of the popular Sniper shooting android game. This game involves more tricks and tactics. It needs so much of patience for playing and completing the games. So this game is kind of an adventure where you will be assigned with a particular job. You would be given a target and once you reached it the next level will open up. It is quite a big game with over 150+ missions to complete. It is one of the best time killer shooting game. They also provide online play where you can compete with other guys and try to be at the top of the leaderboard.

3. Mini militia: Doodle army 2

Mini militia is indeed the best multiplayer game. It has been quite popular during the end of 2016 and at the starting of 2017. Unlike other shooting games, this is a multiplayer game where one can combat with other friends online or offline via wifi hotspot. On can play with up to 16 players offline via Local hotspot. Moreover we can form team with ourselves and compete with us. Mini militia is also available as pro pack with additional features. We can customize the avatar and characterize our favorite avatar. The controls are also quite simple and handy.

4. Kill Shot Bravo

This is another shooter game with cool graphics. It’s a big strategy game with over 500 missions to complete. Here you can hand pick wide locations across the earth. You would need to combat with many gamers. It comes with super cool weapons like PvP sniper duels, alliances to join, and much more.

Though there are lot more shooting games for android these were the ones which I have played and enjoyed the most. You may also comment your favorite shooting game below.

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